Welcome to McStay Quality Roofing & Solar!

Who we are

McStay Quality Roofing & solar is a full service roofing company owned by life long Fort Worth resident Mike McStay. Mike has been providing quality roof installations since 2009 and began installing solar panels in 2020.

Has your roof had an unfortunate encounter with Texas weather? If so, you may have been told by a door-knocking salesman that you have to get a new roof. Often they will bully and mislead you to call in a claim. Roofs are designed to withstand most hail events and often no damage is done or just a minor repair is needed. Mike and his team will offer a fair, honest assessment and present all your options. We work with your insurance company: we will meet with the adjuster, make sure that the claim is fair, and go over all details with you.

In the event a new roof is needed, Mike and his experienced team will help ensure you get a fair insurance settlement, educate you on all your choices and see that you get a beautiful energy efficient roof that fits your needs and budget.

How we can serve you

McStay Quality Roofing & Solar offers the following roofing services for both Residential and Commercial establishments:

In addition to roofing, we provide various other services as well:

  • Gutters (installation, repair)
  • Siding (installation, repair)
  • Painting
  • Fence work (installation, repair)
  • Drywall repair

Our commitment to you

We commit the following to all of our customers:

  • An honest, free-of-charge inspection of the current state of your roof, complete with a written assessment for your review
  • A qualified team of experts and professional roofers with over 30 years of experience
  • Punctual and comprehensive coordination with your insurance company (should that be necessary)
  • Use of high-quality materials in all projects for a solid, long-lasting product
  • Commitment to the protection of clients’ property throughout project service (i.e. covering A/C unit(s), landscaping and windows)
  • Up-to-date licensing and insurance

If our team of specialists determines that a full roof replacement is not necessary, we will let you know. Repair & restoration are often all that is needed.  We’ll even let you know when your roof is just fine and doesn’t require repair!

Not sure where to start?

Embarking on a roofing project can feel overwhelming. The specialists at McStay Quality Roofing & Solar enjoy putting all customers at ease by answering all questions, providing resources and education, and ensuring a timely completion of the project. We would be happy to discuss your needs and expectations today! Give us a call at 817-349-0016